Hank the cowdog

Head of Ranch Security combats summer reading loss


By Simone Wichers-Voss

Meridian Tribune


Hank the Cowdog, head of ranch security, heard that kids lose reading skills during the carefree summer months. Consequently, Hank will be in Bosque County all summer long on a mission to solve “The Mystery of Summer Reading Loss.”

Hank figures he has to make it easy for the kids to get good ol’ stories. So he got together with the local newspapers, The Clifton Record and Meridian Tribune, and they promised to print a chapter per week of a fun story. So look out for the first chapter of “The Kitty Cheater,” in next week’s paper.

What’s even more awesome is that this story is what they call a serial story, has 13 chapters, so each week you can read a new part of the story. Also, it has never been printed as a book before. It is special for newspapers.  

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