Dear Editor - Fletcher

Dear Editor,
I felt the need to complain and didn't know who else to complain to.

I was very proud to watch our Clifton boys’ baseball team, Bosque Valley Family Dental, take second place in the 8u league this year, the boys worked hard and ended the season with only two losses to the same Whitney team.

I was rather upset today though when I found out that the end of season playoff games being held at Valley Mills will be charging $5 per adult and $3 per child per game to get in to watch our boys play, with this being a double elimination extension to our season it could become very costly for family members to participate.

We live on a fixed income, provide support for our son, and have never missed a game, his brothers have kept score at home games and the four of us have not missed a game this season.

I understand that the Valley Mills fields have to pay umpires, attendants, and concession stand people but to charge an average fee of $20 per family per night is an astronomical amount. I feel that our son is being punished because his team did well and now he has to choose which one of his family members is going to be able to attend his games as we can only afford for one of us to go each night, I could understand paying this amount if this was a voluntary tournament but this is the end of season league playoffs.

It is just not fair to those of us that cannot afford it, nor fair at all.
Jone Fletcher (

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