Whitney Reunion

Whitney reunion drew family together


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The Clifton Record


The descendants of Bertie and Charlie Whitney gathered for their annual family reunion at Cayote Community Center on Sunday, June 30, 2013.

The Lord’s Prayer preceded the abundant lunch. Patriotic songs were sung, and each family members shared their current news.

Those attending included: Rhonda Reagan of Tyler, Bette and Harry Herst of Lewisville, Linda Cauthen, David Moorman of Huntsville; Mark Whitney, Carolyn, Don, and Jeremy Whitney of Clifton; Charles Moorman of Harrington Park, NJ; Melissa and Courtney Hackett of Flower Mound; and Cassidy and Gary Wortham of Reno, NV.

Also: Morgan and Jean Wortham, Vanessa Johnson, Teresa and Don Dion, and Sandy and Wayne Whitney all of Austin; Ann Johnson of San Antonio; Clarlsie and Curtis Whitney; Dana, Miles, Wyatt and Ty Whitney of Hewitt; and Sharon Whitney of Waco.

Also: Valeria and Raymond Whitney, Byron Whitney, Lace and John Stanley, all of Valley Mills; Jaime Whitney of Plano, and Josh Whitney of Dallas. Others dropping by were Joan and Dick Bevan of Riverside, CA; Sandy Davis of Dallas; and Sue Phillips of Clifton.

“Family is forever. The love and support of them sustains us all,” said a family member.

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