Goodall-Witcher blood donation program reaches ‘gold level’ in Clifton

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By Julianne Hodges.
The Goodall-Witcher Hospital Authority’s blood donation program reached the “Gold Level” after collecting 131 units of blood in 10 blood drives through 2013. In order to reach the platinum level, Goodall-Witcher could host a blood platelet drive. The Carter BloodCare Premier Partner program has four levels of participation determined by a points system, which are awarded for a facility’s number of drivers, number of units, timeliness of donations, participation in platelet drives and other activities. This past year, Goodall-Witcher received 1538 points out of the 1800 needed for the platinum level. One way for a small community such as Clifton to reach the 1800 points is through a platelet drive.
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