Best Friends

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    Best Friends

Annie came into Elena Martinez’s life when she needed her the most. “It was a tough time for me. I didn’t realize how much I needed a companion until Annie came into my life,” she shared.

Annie was a stray in Meridian and she was hoping to find a companion too. She was pregnant so a safe place for her to have her puppies was urgently needed. Elena offered her home and loving care for Annie. The puppies thrived and all found homes with our rescue partner in Colorado.

Annie had found her home too- with Elena.

“Annie does so much for me. She is always happy and that puts a smile on my face too,” Elena said.

Annie’s story is one of so many we could tell about how we help animals, one family at a time. Her story shows how important it is to keep vulnerable animals in loving homes, and the challenges we can overcome with a little help, love and determination.