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There’s no way to avoid thinking about Corona virus. Almost every facet of our lives is affected, so I can’t imagine anything else to write about or draw. Comic relief helps with stress, so our weekly cartoons in this paper are meant to be therapeutic, not flippant. We must pay attention and heed sound advice. It’s prudent and it would be selfish to do otherwise. One way or another, our lives will be affected. This event is unprecedented in our time. Many schools and businesses have closed or limited hours of operation. Flights and cruises have been cancelled. Hospitals are instituting new safeguards and may face shortages that will affect intensive care units. Meetings have been cancelled, the stock market has tanked, and toilet paper has disappeared from the face of the earth. These facts cannot be ignored. This week’s reality doesn’t resemble last week’s.

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Sure, I’ll write that story

The murder story of Mickey Bryan is a dream come true, a nightmare that won’t end and the type of story that will draw out every emotion in a journalist. Containing those emotions, while scribing a news story can be tough, but necessary. Unless it’s an opinion piece where I get to tell you the reader how I feel.

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If the M&M’s Are Pastel, It Must Be Spring

Local merchants are tempting me with irresistible spring flower/ gardening displays. It’s like stores that place toys, gum, and candy at checkout counters---merchandising’s one, great, last ditch effort to propel toddlers into screaming fits just before their exasperated parents surrender and pay up. The same ploy works well with me. I want those flowers! And I want them now!


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