Clifton Record looking to honor those lost to COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of everyone, but none more so than those who lost a loved one to the deadly disease.

27 individuals in Bosque County have lost their lives to COVID-19, and The Clifton Record and Meridian Tribune would like to honor those lives in the next edition of Bosque River Run magazine. Many have seen the tributes at the end of national newscasts, and we would like to create something similar in the spring edition of the Bosque River Run magazine.

We are asking for photos, stories, hobbies, etc., along with personal quotes about those who have passed away.

“This is just one way we believe we can help celebrate the lives of those who fell victim to the ravages of this disease,” said Publisher of The Clifton Record and Meridian Tribune Rita Hamilton.

If you or someone you know is interested in paying tribute to a loved one lost to COVID-19 in Bosque County, call our office at 254-675-3336 or email us at