More vaccines are slowing coming to Bosque


Four sites designated as distribution centers


Bosque County Emergency Management Coordinator Chris Anderson spoke to the Commissioners Court Tuesday morning about the lack of Covid-19 vaccines in Bosque County. Anderson said on the state Texas DSHS website it said there were four places in Bosque County designated as vaccine distribution centers, Goodall-Witcher, Brookshire Bros Pharmacy, Albrecht’s Pharmacy and Brookshire’s Pharmacy. Some of the distribution centers are offering the opportunity to sign up on a wait list and others are not.

Anderson said, “The doses are trinkling in with no rhyme or reason when or how they are being assigned to the county” All of Anderson’s efforts to get a good answer of when more doses will show up in Bosque County have failed and he asked the court to be patient and pointed out the local distribution locations are doing everything they can to get more vaccines.

Anderson went on the say 600 people have gotten Phase 1 vaccines and 18 have received their second dose.