Garage Sale continues despite coronavirus


The annual Bosque County-Wide Garage Sale was one of many things that was either postponed or cancelled altogether when the initial outbreak of COVID-19 hit the United States earlier this year.

With the pandemic tide seeming to ebb, plans were made to go ahead with the event and despite the recent resurgence of COVID-19 cases the 29th annual Bosque County-Wide Garage Sale will be held this Friday and Saturday, July 17 and 18 throughout Bosque County.

“I am not sure on the history of how it got started,” said Jennifer Pliscott, with the Valley Mills Chamber of Commerce. “We took it over about two years ago. The Bosque County AgriLife Office was the ones holding it, but not sure if they have always done it or not. However, they lost funding for this program and we wanted to keep the tradition alive so we took it over.”

Pilscott said anyone who lives in Bosque County can participate as a seller and that it is well attended.

“People come from all over the state of Texas that weekend to shop,” Pilscott said. “They can always expect a little bit of everything. We always have around 100 families participate as sellers. That’s a lot of goodies to rummage through.”

This year’s event will be the first held during a pandemic so there must be adjustments made to keep everyone healthy while searching for bargains.

“We have sent an email out to all sellers with the county ordinances that the County Judge released last week,” Pilscott said. “We have asked that they post the ordinance and a weara-mask poster at their sale. We are asking and hoping that sellers and buyers follow the ordinances and protect themselves and their neighbors during this event.”